Artist statement: Through the creation of images I am interested in revealing and exploring how we perceive, interpret, and interact with the natural world. The ‘natural world’ in my art is inclusive of the man-made, as humans are both creation and creator of the world. My ideas and inspirations are generated from my explorations and observations of the wonders of nature in conjunction with science, philosophy, spirituality, and art itself. My visual work—painting, drawing, mixed media, and photography—combine varying intensities of realism, surrealism, impressionism, symbolism, and naturalism. Figures reoccurring in my work include oversized bugs, unusual plants, and allegorical characters. I depict ecosystems in which life forms appear in surreal coexistence, growth and decay happen simultaneously, and environments are encroached upon by the destructive forces of humanity. Themes I explore include the processes and motifs of the natural world, the relationship of production and consumption to image-making, and awareness itself—how it is we perceive the world and how we depict it through images. With art I especially want to challenge the illusory division of inner and outer experience, conscious and unconscious awareness, and to reveal the unavoidable interconnectedness of all living things.

Through creative pursuits I desire to explore and expand the multitudes of existence.

Painting is a crystallization of image forms into a unitary consciousness from which meaning and insight can be derived.

Drawing functions as a mutation and replication of form via organization of lines.

Sculpture bridges the gap between the conceptual realm and the physicality of existence.

Poetry injects rhythm into language so that it can be re-territorialized as a substrate for new thought forms.

Music is the vibratory emanation of life in all its manifestations coming into being.

Art in all forms abstracts what is concrete, and concretizes what is abstract.

It is simultaneously the representative and the catalyst for evolution.