I am an artist, photographer, musician, writer, researcher of the hidden and concealed, explorer of Planet Earth and beyond. I am these things because these activities comprise my living existence and experience at this time. At the beginning and end of the day (and in between as well), my raison d’être seems to be being a creative and self-expressing human being.

I began creating visual art as soon as I could wield a crayon, initially getting in trouble at age three for drawing life-sized (my sized!) portraits of family members on a wall inside the house. Even before that I discovered on my own that pots and pans could be banged together to make interesting sound. As I continued to create images with crayons, colored pencils, marker, and paint, I eventually graduated from cookware to playing snare drum in the elementary school band, and then to learning the drum set at age 10. Although I played piano some it did not capture my interest at that time the way percussion did, and still percussion didn’t hold my interest as steadily as visual art. Subsequently I have invested the most time in visual art, studying this at CalArts from 2007-2011, primarily creating paintings and installations. Still my ongoing (although sometimes hibernating) engagement with drums has had me involved in various rock-centric music endeavors and a few recorded albums. In 2019 I dove into solo musical work, creating esoterically-inspired improvisational piano pieces as well as an album which combines my seemingly archaic Biblical interest with instrumental exploration involving drums, percussion, piano, harmonium, bass guitar, synth, and vocals.

My involvement with photography arises naturally from my love of the world, most of all the natural, environmental, and cultural manifestations. In a world continually overflowing with often random, adulterated, and unconsciously proliferated images, my photographs offer deliberate focus of attention on that which is beautiful and real. Taking photos is an artistic and expressive outlet for my explorations of Earth, manifesting as sharable visual mementos of things and environments which are alive and experiences that cannot be repeated. While my paintings make what is invisible visible, my photographs bring attention to what is already manifest, but still perhaps not being seen. The writings I have generated since 2016 come from my irresistible urge to understand, interpret, and express the esoteric and inner dimensions of existence as well an instinctive drive to uncover and expose the outer illusions which currently constitute our collective human experience. Through all of my creative endeavors, I have an embodied interest in revealing and expressing that which is hidden, concealed, and beyond the “normal” range of human perception.

–Celeste Evans, July 4th, 2020