This website features some visual art I have made, as well as photographs of some places I have been and interesting things I have encountered. There are links to other websites of mine featuring writing, music, and video. This website is a portal to things I have created and uploaded onto the World Wide Web in digital form as virtual existence. Perhaps it is a contribution to collective consciousness coming from one individual; maybe it will provide inspiration or at least intrigue whoever chances to wander through here.

Through painting I have been able to make visible the invisible: to illustrate inner dimensions which are not perceived with the naked eye. I have been able to express and interpret the immaterial, symbolic and surreal dimensions of the world—a world which exists and is created through human consciousness. My use of photography arises naturally from my love of the world–most of all its natural, environmental, and cultural creations. Photographs are an artistic and expressive outlet for my explorations of Earth, being sharable mementos of things and environments which are alive and experiences that cannot be repeated. The writings I have composed came from a desire to make sense of, understand, and interpret the world and to uncover the surface-level illusions which constitute matrix manifestations of collective human experience. Music is an experience through which I can tap into primordial energies. Sound comes from the Source of All, percolating through the cosmos and permeating all of physical creation, into the human experience at the end. My conclusion to it All is that Love is the beginning and end, and it is the original way of Being.

Celeste Evans