Environments:    “Don’t Go Into the Forest If You Are Afraid”      Forest      Metamorphosis      Tomb Womb      Woocoomb
Liminal Desert    Transmutation of the Bees

Small Landscapes:    Garden      Fifth Season      The Starlit Mire      Four-Corners      Rhizomes      Shoreline      Monochrome

Creatures:     Cephalapod Eye      Petshop Coy      Jellyfish Mushroom      Bile Toad      Tortoise Devouring the Milk Ocean      Rabbits

Insects:    Pupa      Rude Awakening      Broken      The Squashed Widow      The Escape

Plants:    Prose arose a rose…     Flesh Flowers      Wooly Foxglove      Monkshood      Somnambulistic Sunflower      Morphology

Anthropomorphic:    Serpent Queen      Androgyny      Eternal Birth Canal      For Insomnia and Dreams      Undersea Portrait

Mortality:    Secondary Hand      After Death      The Tornado Flesh Drain      “Looks Like Pancakes”

Infinity:    1,001 Petaled Lotus      Continuum I      Continuum II      Dream Vortex

Signifiers:    Sign      The Internet is the Nipple      Incredulity      Slug      Switch/Outlet

Special:    My Grandmother’s Unfinished Paintings